You know what is beautiful? Read the first word again.

The feeling of never suffice and satisfy all requirements gnaws worser than the worst.
I do not understand. I do everything you ask for. For just a few weeks ago, I was everything you wanted and now you can not even wasting a word to me.
I shut myself in you. I become completely inaccessible.
But what should I do? I have no right to make demands on you. I'm just anyone for you.
So much words, so little space. Too many choices, too cramped doors.

There are really no words to put on emotions and illustrated images in the brain. Everything is and will remain unsaid in several ages.
Your face and your words are deep inside me. Effort to get caught and never get way. You put your mark on me in such a short time that it is not even worth mentioning. But every day, every night I see your smile, your eyes and your body in front of me. Sometimes I feel you so close that I think I can touch you.

Everything sounds so much better and meaningful on English. Så slet mig loss från svenskan och gjorde ett ansträngande.

Postat av: anonym

You are beautiful read the first word again Y O U

2011-09-28 @ 22:33:58

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